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We have been shipping to Amazon since the first day of the FBA program, so whether it’s your first FBA shipment or your 1000th, our dedicated Amazon professionals are here to help you navigate the Amazon jungle and make shipping to FBA warehouses simple and seamless.

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  • Gabi Bar

    Gabi Bar

    CEO, TCM

    I don’t recommend service providers without having tried them myself. But, when a service provider gives personal attention, and does not only the basics of their job well but is there to help you solve unexpected issues that arise, you go back to them again and again. Add to that excellent lead times and competitive prices and it’s why we not only use Unicargo ourselves, but recommend them to our 300 clients as well.

  • Igor Kustov

    Igor Kustov

    Owner, SalesHub

    Unicargo are 100% reliable. I know that our products will arrive at their destination on time, in perfect condition and at the most competitive rates. And if ever anything should go wrong, I am completely confident their team can and will provide a quick, professional solution.

  • Yonit Sela Lettin

    Yonit Sela Lettin

    Managing Director, Relaxus Europe

    We work across multiple time zones, shipping cosmetics and hair styling tools to the UK from China, the US, Israel and Canada. No matter what time of day it is, I know that if I need something, I will get an answer from Unicargo. They always go the extra mile to provide the best prices and delivery times, so we can keep our business running smoothly.


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    • 51 Newark St., STE 309 Hoboken NJ 07030 USA

  • Israel

    • 11 Ha'avoda St. Rosh Ha'ayin Israel 4801761

  • China

    • 488 Tongji Road, Shanghai, China 200940