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Boost your Ecommerce business by leveraging Target’s vast customer base with Unicargo’s expert logistics solutions for Target Plus.

Why Choose Unicargo's Target Plus Logistics  Services?

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Unicargo is committed to providing comprehensive logistics solutions tailored to the unique requirements of Target Plus. Our experience and proven track record working with Target give our clients the peace of mind and confidence to focus on growing their business.

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Streamline Your Target Plus Logistics with Unicargo’s Online Platform

Unicargo’s digital platform digitizes your Target Plus logistics processes. Finally, gain full access to documentation, milestone notifications, and 24/7 access to your shipment status. Our platform provides visibility throughout the entire process and seamless tracking of changes and deliverability predictions.

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Unlock The Full Potential of Your Business

Unicargo’s Target Plus logistics service combines our experience and technology to optimize your supply chain, no matter the type of products you’re selling. Providing this all-in-one solution enables us to offer competitive pricing and ensure continued support, even when you diversify your product offerings.

Flexibility to Scale

Our ecosystem of services amplifies your operation no matter its size. Whether you’re exclusively selling on Target Plus’s marketplace, seeking to diversify your current sales approach, or managing an omnichannel sales operation, we have the expertise and infrastructure to support your present and future needs. This removes the need to engage with multiple forwarders, allowing you to grow with the one that knows you best.

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Infrastructure Built for Ecommerce Sellers

Getting products ready for the Target Plus program can be time-consuming and costly. We built infrastructure and warehouses that specialize in Target logistics, streamlining your supply chain. By partnering with us, you’ll experience reduced costs and penalties, faster turnaround times, and increased customer satisfaction.

Become a Target Plus Seller

Target Plus is an invite-only program, which poses entry challenges, but once you’re part of the program, the competition is low, and your business will flourish.


To comply with the program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Business must be located in the USA and have a local bank account
  • A unique new product must be available for sale
  • Products must have valid UPC or GTIN label

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Target Plus is an invite-only marketplace program that allows selected sellers to offer their products on Target's platform. By joining Target Plus, sellers can take advantage of Target's vast customer base, expanding their reach and boosting sales.

Unicargo provides comprehensive logistics solutions tailored to the unique requirements of Target Plus. These include labeling and packaging, efficient delivery, seamless compliance, and a flexible ecosystem of services that enable your business to scale.

Unicargo manages packaging and labeling following Target's specifications, overseeing barcodes, label details, and unique packaging requirements. This prevents chargebacks or refusals and ensures seamless compliance.

Unicargo's digital platform digitizes Target Plus logistics processes. By using our platform, you gain clear visibility and seamless tracking of your shipments, giving you the predictability you need to manage your business easily.

Yes, Unicargo's Target Plus logistics service is designed to optimize your supply chain, no matter the type of products you're selling. We are up to date with Target’s category classifications and will help you overcome any restrictions that may arise.

To comply with the Target Plus program, your business must be in the USA, have a local bank account, offer a unique new product for sale, and ensure that products have valid UPC or GTIN labels.

Unicargo's team of experts is committed to finding the best possible solutions to minimize challenges associated with high fees and product restrictions on Target Plus, helping you make the most of your partnership with Target.

Unicargo's dedicated service team is always available to assist you with anything you need, from simple update requests to urgent troubleshooting in real-time situations. They prioritize communication and availability to ensure a successful partnership.

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