Optimize your supply chain with Unicargo’s expert transloading solutions, allowing you to transfer cargo quickly and efficiently between different transportation modes without the need for storage in between.

Why Choose Unicargo’s Transloading Services?

Streamline Your Supply Chain with Our Transloading Services

What is transloading?

Transloading is a logistics service that involves transferring cargo from one mode of transportation to another without the need for storage in between. This process typically occurs at a warehouse or distribution hub, where cargo is received and then moved forward using a different mode of transportation. One example of this could be a shipping container that is received at a facility and then the cargo is transferred to trucks for onward delivery.

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When should you use transloading?


Split a shipment into different final delivery locations


Change transportation modes from a container to a truck

Reroute shipments due to changes in shipping plans

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Transloading is the process of moving a shipment from one mode of transport to another form, such as moving from an ocean container to a truck or by rail.

The benefits of Transloading include reducing overall shipping costs, allowing for faster and more efficient shipments, and facilitating the movement of goods between different transportation methods.

Almost any kind of cargo can be transloaded, including dry goods, refrigerated goods, oversized or overweight items, and hazardous materials. However, some restrictions may apply based on the transportation mode or specific regulations.

Customs clearance is typically handled at the port of entry or destination, depending on the transportation mode and shipping route. However, Unicargo's experienced team can help you navigate the customs clearance process and ensure compliance with applicable regulations.

Unicargo's transloading services are unique because of their end-to-end services, quick turnaround time, and in-house domestic trucking company, which allows for even quicker service and better rates.

Unicargo's transloading service helps companies optimize their operations by providing cost-effective shipping options, flexible solutions that can pivot plans quickly, and access to major port cities.

Yes, we can handle cross-border transloading and have experience transferring cargo between countries. Our team is well-versed in the regulations and requirements for cross-border shipping and can ensure a smooth and compliant process.

Transloading can often be a more cost-effective and efficient option than traditional shipping methods. By skipping certain stages of the supply chain, we can reduce transportation costs and shorten delivery times. Additionally, transloading allows for greater flexibility and agility, as cargo can be rerouted or rescheduled more easily.

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