IOR Services

Unicargo’s Importer of Record services allow you to effortlessly import anywhere, hassle-free and worry-free, eliminating the need to establish legal entities in different countries. You can trust our team of experts to guide you through the process.

What is IOR Services?

When importing goods into a foreign country where you lack an established presence it can be a challenge. Unicargo’s Importer of Record (IOR) serves as a legal entity on your behalf, allowing us to release your cargo from customs and take full responsibility for ensuring compliance with local laws and import regulations.
With Unicargo’s IOR services, you can import your goods into any foreign country with confidence, knowing that we’ll take care of the legal requirements and ensure a seamless process.

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Here's How The IOR Process Works

We review your intended product for import and determine the regulatory requirements and import/tax costs associated with importing your product.

We acquire the necessary permits and documentation to import the shipment into the destination country.

Unicargo acts as the legal importer of the shipment, ensuring that the shipment is imported and cleared through customs by our IOR department.

We assume legal responsibility for the shipment and manage other aspects of the import process, such as paying taxes or coordinating final delivery.

The Unicargo Ecosystem

Unicargo offers end-to-end services, whether you need international freight forwarding, warehousing services, or trucking solutions. This seamless integration simplifies your supply chain management and ensures peace of mind.



IOR stands for "Importer of Record." It is a service where a third-party company acts as the legal importer for a shipment into a foreign country, assuming responsibility for compliance with local regulations and taxes.

IOR service is typically needed when a company is shipping goods into a foreign country but does not have a legal entity or established presence in that country. In this situation, an IOR can act as the legal importer and ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.

When you use Unicargo's IOR services, our team will act as your legal importer, assuming all responsibility for compliance with local laws and regulations. We will handle all necessary paperwork and documentation, as well as any inspections or certifications required by local authorities.

Unicargo offers IOR services for a wide range of countries across the globe. Please contact us to learn more about the specific countries we cover.

The cost of our IOR services depends on a variety of factors, including the country of import and the nature of the goods being imported. Please contact us to receive a customized quote for your specific needs.

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