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We’ve been shipping to Amazon FBA since it was launched.

Our dedicated Amazon professionals are here to help you navigate the Amazon jungle and make shipping to FBA a seamless process.

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Whether you’re an experienced seller or you’re new to FBA, the Amazon jungle can be difficult to navigate. And when you add international shipping and regulations to the mix of requirements, it gets even more complicated. The Unicargo Amazon FBA team is here to take care of every aspect of your shipment, from anywhere in the world, direct to the relevant Amazon Fulfillment Center.

Why ship with Unicargo?

  • The leading Amazon FBA freight forwarder

    As soon as Amazon launched Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), we got on board to provide freight forwarding services to their warehouses, all over the world. Today, we make thousands of such shipments every month, making us the leading Amazon FBA freight forwarding company. And although there are many companies out there that offer similar services, we confidently say that none know the business like we do.

  • All your FBA needs in one place

    Our end-to-end shipping solution supports FBA sellers every step of the way along their Amazon journey. It begins with proper logistics planning. We know how important it is for a seller to maintain their stock level, and we are aware of the disastrous results that can follow if a shipment does not arrive on time. That’s why our shipping experts work closely with our clients to plan their logistics in such a way that running out of stock is simply not a possibility. Shipping costs shouldn’t eat into your profits, so we keep them to a minimum, giving you the best possible rates for air and sea freight. We know Amazon's terms of service and packing & shipping guidelines by heart, and keep up with changes as they happen, so we will make sure that your order is packed, labelled and shipped as required to be accepted by Amazon.

  • Make the most of our experience

    Our background and experience allows us to advise you on the quickest, safest, most cost-effective route to get your cargo shipped to Amazon. We are also connected directly to FBA Fulfilment Centers via a computerized system, and are in touch with the warehouse representatives on a daily basis.

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    Our dedicated FBA team are here to answer all your questions about shipping to Amazon, and will do everything necessary to make sure your shipment is delivered quickly and safely. There’s no issue we haven’t already come across, and no challenge we haven’t overcome.

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Our services

  • air_freight

    Air Freight

    Cheaper than express and quicker than ocean.

  • ocean_freight

    Ocean Freight

    A cheaper solution for larger shipments, available from all major ports. Pick up from supplier, delivery to FBA warehouse.

  • xpress

    Express Shipping

    Guaranteed delivery the next day, in 2-4 days or 5-7 days (economy).

  • air_c

    Air Consolidation

    Consolidating cargo with other sellers to save money on shipments. Delivery to FBA warehouse within 12-18 days.

  • logistics

    Logistics Planning

    Reduce your shipping costs while keeping your stock levels at the right levels to meet demand, with smart logistics planning.

  • trucking

    Trucking & Delivery

    Hand-picked, trusted carriers handling your trucking to Amazon warehouses around the world. Consolidation available.

  • inspection

    Product Inspection

    Inspecting the products (at your factory) before you pay, so you don’t ship damaged goods

  • ocean_c

    Short Term Storage

    If you need time to work out the details, store your products in our local warehouses around the world.

  • clearance

    Customs Clearance

    All the administrative hassle of customs taken care of for you, including paperwork, clearance, compliance and product classification.


  • Dvir Cohen

    Dvir Cohen

    Owner , Amazon Be Click

    UniCargo is a one-stop-shop for all my freight needs. "Customer service" isn’t just an empty concept to them – it’s the way they do business. You see it in their person-to-person approach, in how their considerate and reliable staff manage your needs, and in the careful way they handle your cargo.

  • Radu Adumitresi

    Radu Adumitresi

    CEO, Chillax

    I use Unicargo because they're the best! They offer the keenest quotes, the fastest service and the smoothest delivery experience. There isn’t much more to add… what more could a customer want?

  • Vlad Dragomir

    Vlad Dragomir

    Owner, Venture Enterprise LLC

    What keeps me coming back to Unicargo is the trusted relationship that I have built up with the company. I know they will take care of my shipments as well as they would their own. I also appreciate the fact that they have taken the time to get to know my needs – so they always respond fast and with optimal solutions.


  • Einat

    Einat Zadok

    Amazon professional

    10 years of experience

    Ensure that the supplier packs your goods securely, that means: strong cardboard; reinforced boxes; palletized if fragile. Also make sure you meet Amazon’s packaging requirements.

  • Yaniv

    Yaniv Mukmal

    Amazon professional

    7 years of experience

    If you’re opting for the more economical option - ocean freight - be sure to monitor your inventory levels. If your stock doesn’t get to the warehouse in time, you may lose sales and end up out of pocket – which could end up costing you more than you have saved.

  • Zivit

    Zivit Schiff

    Amazon professional

    11 years of experience

    When shipping a product that is made up of separate components or products (a bundle), it is important to list them all individually so that we can ensure that none of them are subject to any restrictions. For example, a bundle made of a dog strap with a flashing LED light dog collar contains batteries that have specific limitations.