Polybag Requirements for Amazon Sellers – What You Need to Know to Stay Safe and Legally Compliant

Wrap It Right: A Comprehensive Guide on Amazon FBA Polybag Requirements

If you ignore Amazon’s FBA rules for prepping products, you might see your items rejected, sent back, or tossed in the bin. You could also be blocked from sending more goods and Amazon might hit you with a non-compliance bill. In other words, skipping Amazon’s FBA packaging rules can cost you big time.

As a general rule, Amazon may require you to polybag certain items. Especially if you’re a new seller it’s smart to get them before setting up your first shipment so you’re not stuck waiting for supplies. This comprehensive guide covers what items need polybags, Amazon’s requirements for getting them, and from where you can buy them.

Amazon Polybag Requirements: Key Takeaways

  • Specific conditions, such as preventing leaks, protecting exposed parts, and covering touchable products, necessitate use of polybags.
  • Amazon FBA polybags must be see-through, self-sealing, and suitable for various items like kitchen tools and plush toys.
  • There are no set type and size rules for Amazon FBA polybags but they should fit products properly to avoid damage.
  • Sealing, transparency, labeling (barcodes), and suffocation warnings are crucial aspects of Amazon FBA compliance for polybag packaging..
  • Alternatives to polybags for Amazon FBA depend on the product’s nature and size.

What Are the Requirements for Amazon FBA Polybag?

Amazon FBA polybags are see-through plastic bags. They often come with a self-sealing or heat-sealing feature, making them super convenient. These bags are great for packing kitchen tools, plush toys, open clothes, and anything where a part might come loose.

By adhering to certain packaging requirements for Amazon FBA polybags, your cargo will be safe and sound from Amazon’s place to your buyers. Fulfilling packaging requirements for polybags is also a must for sellers on Amazon to keep customers happy and dodge bad reviews. Here is the current set of rules for choosing polybags for Amazon FBA.

  • Purpose

Amazon FBA polybags are needed in certain conditions such as the following:

  • When you want to stop leaks or spills from harming other things in a package. This is especially true for liquids and powders.
  • Toys or clothes with a tiny exposed part also need a polybag.
  • Directly touchable products, like clothing or kitchen gear, need a polybag, even if they’re in a box.
  • Always polybag bundles. Each item could get its own bag with a “Don’t separate” sticker.
  • You might need polybags to shield items from dust or dirt or keep loose items together, like when selling individual items as a set.
  • If any part of the product isn’t covered, use a polybag.
  • If any piece can come off, polybag it – even if it’s already in plastic.
  • When unsure, go for a polybag – better safe than sorry. No harm in using one too many, but missing it when needed can lead to trouble. It might cost a bit more, but it keeps customers happy and Amazon satisfied.
  • Types and Sizes

Amazon doesn’t have a set type and size rules for polybags but they should fit your products just right. This is to avoid extra folds or wrinkles that might cause tearing when things get tight. Moreover, steer clear of overly big bags that waste material or create unnecessary bulk.

  • Protrusion

Amazon says polybags shouldn’t stick out more than three inches beyond your product’s size. This helps keep packages uniform, fits well in their centers, and reduces chance of damage during storage or shipping.

To check right, measure your product’s length, width, and height. Then, add no more than three inches to each side when picking a polybag. For example, if your item is 11 x 9 x 5 inches, choose a bag that’s no more than 14 x 12 x 8 inches.

  • Material

Amazon FBA polybags must be crafted from tough and flexible polyethylene (PE) plastic. Make sure the material is flawless, without any defects, holes, or rips.

  • Thickness

It’s important to have thick polybags to keep your goods safe from harm in Amazon’s centers or during shipping. Thicker bags, like at least 1.5 mils (thousandths of an inch), are better at stopping punctures, tears, and moisture compared to thinner ones. This thickness ensures your items stay tough through the entire shipping deal.

  • Sealing

When shipping to Amazon, always seal your polybags tightly with methods like heat sealers or sticky strips. After sealing, cut off any extra material so it doesn’t hang over the seal to keep polybags neat and safe.

  • Transparency

Amazon wants polybags to be see-through and have the right barcode – either from the manufacturer or Amazon. Being see-through helps workers easily spot what’s inside bags, making sorting and shipping convenient.

Besides, they can scan barcodes in a snap without unwrapping every package. For adult items, Amazon requires that you use black, non-transparent polybags.

Labeling Requirements for Amazon FBA Polybags

The labeling requirements for Amazon FBA polybags state that each item needs a barcode for scanning, either from the manufacturer (UPC, EAN, GCID, or ISBN) or Amazon (ASIN or FNSKU barcode). Stick it on a flat part of the product, visible through the bag without folds.

This helps Amazon track inventory right and avoid shipping goofs. If there’s no barcode, affix an FNSKU (X0-label) or ASIN (B0) label outside the polybag displaying product details like name, and brand.

Suffocation Warning Label Guideline for  Amazon FBA Polybags

Polybags with a 5-inch or wider opening (when flat) should have a clear suffocation warning. Skipping them can be risky – it could harm customers and land sellers in legal trouble. Without warning, customers might not realize the risks of the polybag, especially for little ones.

Not including suffocation warnings, can also lead to legal hassles. Putting customer safety first and sticking to all packaging rules is key to dodge these problems. In the U.S., you must have suffocation warnings in English.

But if you’re selling internationally through Amazon FBA centers outside the U.S., think about including warnings in multiple languages according to local rules and language preferences. The suffocation warning could say, “Keep away from kids. This bag is not a toy.”

An example of a suffocation warning label

Print sizes for warnings vary based on polybag width such as:

Polybag Width/inches

Print Size/point

60 inches or wider


40 to 59 inches


30 to 39 inches


Under 29 inches


You must put a warning on polybags where it’s visible, like near opening, as a print or label. Make sure it stays put during shipping by applying a strong adhesive. Furthermore, to procure polybags that tick all boxes, check out legit suppliers known for their Amazon compliance materials.

Where Can You Buy Amazon Packaging Supplies?

Amazon’s Seller Central and “Ships in Product Packaging” program is an obvious choice for a variety of packaging supplies. But don’t stop there – dig into other reliable suppliers and stores to source polybags and labels that align with Amazon’s packaging rules. Here are a few choices to look into:

  1. Amazon Seller Central

If you’re an Amazon seller, head to your “Seller Central” account and search for “Amazon Branded Packaging” based on your location. Look for polybags in “Packaging Material.”

  1. Ships in Product Packaging Program

Amazon also offers a “Ships in Product Packaging” (SIPP) program for FBA sellers. It lets you test and qualify your products to ship in your own branded packaging without any extra Amazon materials.

This not only improves customer experience by reducing packaging but also cuts fulfillment costs and could make your outbound shipments more environmentally friendly. You can join the SIPP program through “Seller Central” if you sell in the United States,  United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, or Spain.

  1. Amazon Business

Another option is to check out Amazon’s Business Packaging Supply Store online for your Amazon FBA store. They’ve got a variety of quality packaging, including printed polybags from top brands.

You can get access to wholesale rates, exclusive business deals, and discounts on bulk orders to cut down on your purchasing expenses. Besides, you save big during events like EMI Fest, Stock Up Sale, Business Value Days, etc.

  1. Third-Party Retail Service

Consider checking out third-party retailers, like online marketplaces or packaging supply websites, for Amazon FBA polybags. They might have what you need. However, if you opt for “blank” polybags, keep in mind that you’ll need to print your own suffocation warning stickers or purchase them. This task can be time-consuming though.

  1. Amazon FBA Prep Service

A more cost-effective option compared to if you handle packaging individually is to get Amazon FBA prep services like Unicargo. This is ideal when you can’t package items at a lower cost by yourself. It’s also useful if your items are shipped directly to Amazon by your supplier and require packaging at Amazon’s warehouse.

We’ve been shipping products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers and are a member of Amazon’s solution provider network (SPN).  That’s why we fully understand the ins and outs of their operations.

We can handle packaging, labeling, and bundling services according to Amazon’s rules, ensuring safe transit and a customer-friendly experience. Moreover, we can also insert promotional materials into packages, enhancing your brand’s uniqueness.

But before you start prepping products according to Amazon FBA requirements it’s key to know what products should be polybagged first. Knowing Amazon FBA polybag rules is essential for sellers looking to simplify packaging and improve the fulfillment process. Even if prep isn’t mandatory, it’s wise to polybag items for added protection against warehouse handling.

What Needs to Be Polybagged — List of Products You Should Pack in Polybags for Amazon FBA

Polybagging is made essential for various categories of products by Amazon FBA. We’ve mentioned a list of items that need to be polybagged below:

  • Clothing and Fabrics – Keep them in polybags to shield them from dust and damage.
  • Plush Toys – For toys prone to damage or getting dirty during shipping.
  • Small Items and Loose Parts – If products have small parts that can get separated.
  • Sharp or Fragile Items – Polybag sharp or glass items to avoid harming other stuff.
  • Liquids and Powders – Bag them if not in glass containers to prevent spills.
  • Open Products – Anything exposed or not sealed should go in a polybag.

What Can You Use Instead of Polybags for Amazon FBA Packaging?

While polybags are popular for Amazon FBA packaging as they can shield products from dust and dirt they might not be necessary if your product is not touchable. Or if they’re already wrapped in plastic, you don’t need to worry about Amazon polybag rules.

Moreover, for certain products polybagging won’t cut it. So, you can consider other options like boxes or bubble wrap for Amazon FBA shipping. Depending on product’s size and weight, it might be more cost-effective to have alternative packaging such as:

  • Shrink Wrap – It’s a polymer plastic film that tightens when heat is applied, used with an impulse sealer and heat gun. Shrink wrap works great for grouping items like sets or kits, offering protection from dust, moisture, and tampering during storage and shipping.
  • Stretch Wrap – Stretch wrap is a sturdy, clear plastic film that clings to itself. It provides a secure wrap-around for products and is perfect for grouping oddly shaped items or securing loose parts. Furthermore, it’s ideal for products that require added protection from scratches or movement during shipping, especially for palletized shipments.
  • Bubble Wrap – Bubble wrap is a flexible and see-through plastic with regularly spaced air-filled bubbles. It adds padding to avoid damage to delicate items like electronics or glassware. Also, bubble wrap is useful for preventing harm to heavy or dense items that could ruin other goods in transit.
  • Boxes – For certain items, a solid six-sided box with intact flaps can be used. Boxes are versatile and work well for a range of products. So, utilize them for fragile items, electronics, books, or anything needing robust protection. Make sure the box size snugly fits your product to prevent internal shifting.


Do Amazon Polybags Need to Be Clear?

Yes, Amazon insists on polybags being completely see-through. It helps workers scan barcodes easily. But for adult products stick to opaque black polybags as required by Amazon.

How Much Does Amazon Charge for Polybagging?

Amazon won’t bill you for polybagging directly. As a seller, if you opt for Amazon’s packaging materials, like polybags, their cost is part of your overall expenses.

Do Poly Mailers Need Suffocation Warning?

Yes, poly mailers with a 5-inch or larger opening need a suffocation warning either printed on the bag or affixed to a part of the bag where it’s visible. Whether a poly mailer is see-through or not doesn’t matter – both need suffocation labels if they’re opaque.

How Thick Does a Polybag Have to Be for Amazon?

Polybags need to be a minimum of 1.5 mils (thousandths of an inch) thick to stay strong during transportation and avoid tearing. The thicker they are, the better they protect your products.

Is It Okay to Use a Slider Zipper Polybag for Amazon Packaging?

Amazon doesn’t say no to slider zipper polybags. Just make sure they meet all other rules like transparency, thickness, labeling, etc.


Messing with Amazon’s FBA rules for packaging requirements is a recipe for disaster. You’ll have to face rejections, fines, blocked shipments, and whatnot. But that’s not what we’re looking for. That’s why we’ve explained comprehensively about polybagging requirements for Amazon FBA in the above guide.

But the smart move is to hire an Amazon FBA prep service if packaging hits your wallet, especially if your goods are headed straight to Amazon from your supplier. Unicargo can handle the entire FBA prep gig – apparel, perishables, you name it and can also provide labeling, packaging, and assembly kits.

We can even add promotional material to your packages to make your brand stand out—all Amazon-approved of course. Beyond just preparing your goods, our services cover your entire supply chain.

From factory to warehousing and delivery, we tailor your shipping to Amazon’s ever-shifting rules for various regions. So, partner with us, and let’s get your goods Amazon FBA-ready!

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