General terms & conditions

This Negotiated rate agreement (NRA) and all future NRA’a are subject to the below general terms & conditions as well as to the NRA rules and HBL rules as published on our website.

  1. The effective performance of the transport shall be deemed as consent of the customer to the quote with all the conditions thereof.
  2. The content of the quote is subject to the terms & conditions set forth herein and to the NRA rules & HBL rules as published on our website at
  3. Unless otherwise specified, the quote shall remain valid for 30 days as of the date of the issue thereof.
  4. For ocean freight the determining debit date is the date stated on the bill of lading.
  5. The volume-weight ratio shall be 1:6 (1 m3 = 167 kg) for airfreight, 1:1 (1 m3 = 1000 kg) for ocean freight, 1:5 (a m3 = 200 kg) for express and 1:3 (1 m3 = 333 kg) for land transport.
  6. For LCL, the price applies to shipments up to 2.5 m in length and up to 2 m in height.
  7. For air freight, the maximum height is 160 cm.
  8. For air freight, the price applies to known shipper only.
  9. For air freight, the price applies to known shipper only.
  10. The currency rates shall be calculated based on the currency rate practiced by the shipping and/or airline companies, according to case.
  11. Payment conditions: cash, unless otherwise specified in writing.
  12. In ocean freight, the price is subject to GRI/PSS/Congestion and other fees that may change from time to time, as published by the shipping companies, with no prior notice.
  13. For trucking not arranged by Unicargo, it is the customer’s sole responsibility of return the empty containers to the shipping company at destination.
  14. Storage/Detention, Demurrage & Per Diem charges shall be charged to the customer to the customer according to the tariff practiced by Unicargo. Deposit charges for these charges may be collected by Unicargo. For per Diem the customer will receive 4 free calendar days with no charge. thereafter each day will be charged as follows: days 5-8 @ $195/day, days 9-12 @ $225/day, 13 days and above @ $295/day (all amounts are per container per day).
  15. Advance fee of 3% may apply for charges paid in advance by Unicargo to customs, shipping lines, terminals etc..
  16. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to validate that goods are packed properly by the supplier and that all wooden packing items are properly fumigated.
  17. The customer herby agrees and acknowledges that the final charges may be different from the sum in the quotation due to duties, taxes, GRI, Congestion, Detention, Demurrage, and storage. The customer will not have the right to offset any payment due to Unicargo and, Unicargo shall be entitled to liens of any kind of shipments and/or assets for securing the payments due to the Unicargo, including payments for previous shipments.
  18. The limit of professional liability of Unicargo, including for cyber risk insurance, is of US$ 100,000. Moreover, the customer is responsible for having Marine Insurance for the freight and herby agrees to waive the right of subrogation towards Unicargo or to include Unicargo as an additional beneficiary in the cargo insurance policy.
  19. Unicargo shall not be liable for the change of any customs item by the customs authorities. The customer agrees that any future ruling by customs will be the responsibility of the customer and paid by him.
  20. This Quote and any future quotation by Unicargo are based on AS AGENT ONLY conditions. It is hereby agreed that Unicargo acts solely as a coordinating party, and therefore, Unicargo is not liable for any damages pursuant to an event that is not under Unicargo control, including any damage or shortage during carriage, changes of schedule of the transport or delays in arrival dates. Schedules, transport, dues, and prices are subject to changes with by the carriers, ports and terminals. The details of the flight /sailing are estimated only, in accordance with the information provided by the carriers and are subject to changes made without prior notice. Without derogating from the forgoing, Unicargo’s liability for its Services is subject to the provisions of International Conventions applicable to international carriage (Hague-Visby Rules on sea carriage, Montreal Rules on air carriage and CMR rules on land carriage). In case Unicargo or any one on its behalf issue a bill of lading, Unicargo’s liability shall be subject to the provisions of such bill of lading. In any case, Unicargo shall not be responsible for any indirect, circumstantial, or punitive damages or force major events, including wars, strikes, terror acts, epidemics, earthquakes, and the like. The Customer is obligated to report in writing to Unicargo about any suspected or actual damage or shortage within 7 days as of the date of discovery of such suspicion or findings, otherwise Customer shall not be entitled to any compensation, if at all. Customer waives any demands or claims against Unicargo with regards to the above stated.
  21. The present General Conditions shall remain in effect for all the quotes to be sent to Customer in the future.
  22. The above General Conditions, attached to the Quote, constitute an integral part thereof.
  23. Litigations shall be brought before courts in the jurisdiction area of the USA only, unless the customer is located in Israel in which the Jurisdiction will be Israel.