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How to Calculate the UPS Charges to Send a Delivery to an Amazon FBA Warehouse or Hub

Using this easy guide, you can calculate the estimated cost of sending a delivery to an Amazon FBA hub or warehouse with UPS.

  1. Begin by creating a shipment plan in your Amazon Seller Central account, then click through to the “prepare shipment” page.
  2. In section two: delivery service, choose “SPD” (small parcel delivery) as your shipping method, and “UPS” as your shipping courier.
  3. In section three: shipment packing, enter the box weight (and dimensions if you wish) and click on “confirm.”
  4. You will find your estimated shipping cost in section four: shipping charges. However, don’t accept the charges if you are just looking to get an estimate.

One point to note is that for some German fulfilment centers, you might only be offered DHL as your SPD option, because DHL only permits the Amazon seller themselves to arrange a pick-up. We can coordinate a UPS SPD pick-up on your behalf if you wish.

Remember also that when you choose an Amazon partner carrier such as UPS, it is Amazon that will send you the bill for the final delivery charge rather than Unicargo.

If you need help with coordinating a UPS delivery or for anything else, contact us now and we’ll assist you.

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