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How to Send a Shipment to One Amazon Fulfilment Center and Avoid Split Shipments

If you choose to take part in Amazon’s inventory placement service, Amazon will assign all units of the same individual product or ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) to one named fulfilment center.

This means that all you have to do is send your shipment to that named fulfilment center, rather than splitting it up to send to several different ones. However, you can’t pick which fulfilment center your products are assigned to as part of the inventory placement service – this is decided by Amazon.

Additionally, the inventory placement service doesn’t guarantee that your shipment won’t then be split up and sent on to multiple other fulfilment centers.

When your shipment arrives at the named fulfilment center, Amazon may then divide it up and send it on to other fulfilment centers on your behalf. The same is true if you are supplying a single product that comes in different variants, such as different size or color options.

The Fulfilled by Amazon service’s default shipment setting is distributed inventory placement, which means that Amazon might assign various quantities of any single product or ASIN to multiple different fulfilment centers when you draw up your shipment plan.

If you need more information on Amazon’s inventory placement service, let us know and we’ll provide additional guidance.

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