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What Is a Children’s Product Certificate (CPC)?

A CPC or Children’s Product Certificate is a document that must accompany products imported into the USA that are made for or intended for use by children. Having a certificate for any imported children’s products is a legal requirement, and if the CPC is missing or inaccurate your shipment may be turned away at its destination port.

The importer of the goods is responsible for drawing up the certificate after the goods have passed the relevant laboratory tests prior to import, and a certificate must be provided for each different type of children’s product contained within any shipment.

What type of products need a CPC?

Any goods that are made for or intended for use by children need a CPC. This includes children’s toys, clothing, furniture, school supplies, and anything else that is used by or made for children.

What is shown on a CPC or Children’s Product Certificate?

  • Details that identify the exact product that the certificate applies to.
  • Information on the specific rules and regulations that are relevant to the product in question, like the laboratory testing requirements and Small Parts Regulations
  • Details (name, address and other contact information) for the importer who is providing the certificate for the goods.
  • Contact information for the person or organization who holds the records for the laboratory test results for the goods – this is normally the importer.
  • The date and location of the product’s manufacture.
  • The date and location of the product’s laboratory testing.
  • Details identifying the approved product testing facility that ran the relevant tests on the goods before the certificate was issued.

If you’re preparing a CPC and need any assistance or if you’re not quite sure how to draw up a Children’s Product Certificate, let us know and we’ll help you to get it right first time.

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