Freight Consolidation

It’s like carpoolingfor your cargo

Itay Zadik

Courier Department Manager

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  • Consolidating cargo

    Everyone wins when you ship together.

  • Smaller shipments at better rates

    Great prices for lower volumes.

  • Lower cost for the same great service

    Benefit from economies of scale, without comprising on quality.


Everyone knows that the bigger the cargo, the cheaper it is. So, pooling together with others will always save you money. By consolidating freight from various suppliers and sending it in a single shipment, we can offer lower rates for even smaller packages. If you’re heading in the same direction as another customer, whether by air, sea or road, we’ll make sure you see a cost benefit. We offer weekly flights and vessel departures to designated destinations, so consolidation doesn’t mean waiting around until someone else is ready to ship their cargo. Speak to one of our service representatives and ask about their recommendations for a consolidated shipment.

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