How to Ship to Amazon FBA UK

How to Ship to Amazon UK – with Unicargo

Sailing into the UK market isn’t just about crossing the pond. It’s more about dodging the regulatory reefs. If you’re an Amazon FBA seller eyeing the UK market, you need a registered UK company with VAT and EORI numbers and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. To navigate the tricky waters of Amazon FBA UK, you will need a well-versed and competent sailor by your side.

That’s where Unicargo comes, a seasoned freight forwarder for FBA shipping since the program’s maiden voyage. We can steer you through UK customs and taxes, ensuring your journey into the UK market is without hindrances. But that’s not all we provide.

So, read on to learn how Unicargo can chart your course to FBA success in the UK!

Key Takeaways

●     Amazon UK has seen significant growth, making it a lucrative market for e-commerce businesses, with sales doubling since 2018.

●     Expanding into the UK market with Amazon FBA presents challenges such as adjusting listings, understanding customs rules, and dealing with taxes.

●     Different shipment services, including Amazon’s Partnered Carrier Program (PCP), Small Parcel Delivery (SPD), Less Than Truckload (LTL), and Full Truckload (FTL), cater to various seller needs.

●     Amazon offers Standard Fulfillment by Amazon and Low-Price Fulfillment by Amazon services in the UK, each with its own benefits and requirements.

●     Sellers must adhere to specific packaging and labeling requirements set by Amazon FBA UK to avoid extra charges or inventory refusal.

●     Unicargo provides comprehensive 3PL services for FBA sellers, including streamlined prepping, efficient stock tracking, simplified shipping arrangements, and assistance with tax and legal considerations.

●     Understanding and complying with UK tax and legal regulations, like obtaining an EORI number and registering for VAT, are crucial for importing/exporting goods into the UK.

●     Selecting a reliable freight forwarder like Unicargo is essential for smooth FBA handling, fewer mistakes, better inventory management, and compliance with Amazon’s FBA shipping guidelines.

Overview of Amazon UK

Amazon has become more than just a place to buy things online in the UK. It is the second-biggest market for Amazon in Europe after Germany with sales doubling since 2018. From 2010 to 2023, Amazon’s sales in the UK went from about $4 billion to nearly $33.6 billion in 2023, showing incredible growth.

Amazon UK, Annual Net Sales

This increase in revenue can be attributed to the growing popularity of e-commerce shopping in the UK which now makes up 30% of its total retail. In 2024 alone, the online shopping market is worth about $280.55 billion in the UK. By 2029, it’s predicted to hit $750.80 billion, growing at a rapid rate of 21.76% each year.

This makes the UK a fertile ground for big e-commerce businesses that are looking for a cost and time-efficient way to expand their operations. With FBA, Amazon takes care of order management, delivery, and customer service.

This frees you up to focus on growing your business in the UK without needing extra warehouse space or staff. Amazon’s FBA service takes care of storing, packing, and shipping products to customers, along with offering round-the-clock customer support in different languages.

When you list products on FBA UK, they can also be Prime eligible, meaning customers get fast one-day delivery. However, expanding your Amazon FBA business into the UK market comes with several challenges that need attention. Here are some important things to keep in mind:

Adjust Your Listings – Make sure your product descriptions and titles use British English. This helps your business connect better with the local audience, improve customer experience, and boost sales.

Understand Customs Rules – Learn about the complexities of UK customs and importing to avoid legal issues and ensure your products meet UK import rules. Also, Amazon FBA UK has specific packaging and shipping regulations.

Meeting them helps with delays, and extra costs and fulfilling FBA requirements. For example, according to UK VAT rules, if you’re selling or planning to sell in the UK, you must register for UK VAT. Amazon will check to make sure your registration is valid.

Deal with Taxes – Be aware of the UK’s complicated sales tax system. Understanding it is key to following the rules, planning taxes effectively, meeting tax obligations, making informed financial decisions, and avoiding penalties.

 For instance, if you bring in 10 tons of finished plastic packaging into the UK, you need to register for the UK Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT). This applies whether you’re importing it or making it here, within a year or even within a month.

Handle Currency Conversion – Handling currency exchange rates and bank fees well is crucial for international business. Currency changes can affect your profits, but having a strategy in place can help protect against risks and unexpected market shifts.

Shipping to Amazon FBA UK

We already know now that Amazon UK is a booming online marketplace that draws sellers from all over because of its big growth and Prime perks. But to keep things running smoothly, sellers need to understand the details of shipping, how orders are handled, and the packaging rules that are specific to the UK market.

Types of Amazon FBA UK Shipments

Here are four types of FBA shipment services that Amazon allows in the UK:

●     Amazon’s Partnered Carrier Program (PCP) – It offers discounted rates with UPS for shipping small parcels to Amazon Fulfillment Centers in the UK from a UK destination. PCP provides better service, competitive pricing, and UPS tracking for your shipments.

Small Parcel Delivery (SPD) – In SPD, Items are packed and labeled individually. It has a limit of 200 items when using an Amazon-partnered carrier and is a great choice for small to medium sellers on Amazon.

●   Less Than Truckload (LTL) – This involves stacking cases or boxes on pallets and is for sellers shipping a large volume of pallet shipments with oversized items (at least 150 lbs). LTL service is ideal for shipping LTL shipments inbound to Amazon Fulfillment Centers, allowing you to request pallet pick-ups without booking entire trucks.

●  Full Truckload (FTL) – In FTL, your inventory fills an entire truckload and goes directly to an Amazon FBA Fulfillment Center. It’s a cost-effective and efficient way to utilize truckload capacities, ensuring faster and more secure shipping without transfers during transit.

Types of Amazon Fulfillment Services in the UK

As an FBA seller in the UK, you get two types of Amazon fulfillment services as follows:

1.   Standard Fulfillment by Amazon

With Amazon’s Standard FBA service UK, you store your products in their UK fulfillment centers. They handle everything from picking and packing to shipping, customer service, refunds, and returns. There are further two types of Standard FBA services:

Remote Fulfillment UK-EU – It was previously known as the European Fulfillment Network (EFN) between the UK and EU. Remote Fulfillment UK-EU allows you to sell across borders without sending inventory to the destination store or needing a VAT number.

Ships in Product Packaging Discount (SIPP) – Ships in Product Packaging Discount, is a program where products are sent to customers in their original packaging, without extra Amazon packaging.

If products meet the program’s guidelines, they get reduced Fulfillment by Amazon fees for each item shipped. Amazon certifies products if their packaging fits the rules, or sellers can join the program by adjusting packaging to meet the guidelines.

2.   Low-Price Fulfillment by Amazon

Low-Price FBA is a service by Amazon for fast-selling, small, and light items priced at £10 (UK), or less, including VAT. This program offers lower fees compared to standard FBA for similar products when shipped locally.

Packaging, and Labeling Requirements for Shipping to Amazon FBA UK

When sending items to Amazon Fulfillment Centers in the UK, some products have specific requirements. Not following Amazon’s packaging and labeling guidelines may lead to them refusing or sending back your inventory.

As a seller, you might face extra charges or even lose the ability to send items to Fulfillment Centers in the UK. Therefore, you’ll need to follow the packaging and labeling requirements set by Amazon FBA:

●     Packaging Requirements

❖  Pallets – For shipping pallets in the UK, use wood pallets measuring 1000 x 1200 mm with 4-way access, meeting GMA grade B or higher standards. They can be stacked up to 1.8 meters high, or 3.0 meters for double-stacked pallets.

While non-stackable pallets sent to Amazon UK Fulfillment Centers must not exceed 120 x 100 x 180 cm (L x W x H). Overall, your cargo should not weigh more than 500 kg including the pallet.

❖  Boxes – Boxes should be rigid, six-sided containers with intact flaps. Make sure to pick the right sizes to prevent your items from bouncing around too much during processing and transit. Use appropriate containers like RSC (regular slotted box), B flute, ECT-32 (edge crush test), and 200BH (burst strength).

Boxes should not be wrapped in bags or stretch wrap, covered in packing tape, or have metal staples or plastic corner protectors. They also shouldn’t be made of wood or metal, or be tied with plastic straps or tape.

Furthermore, boxes containing standard-size items must be between 15.2 cm x 10.0 cm x 2.5 cm and 63.5 cm on any side. They should weigh between 0.15 kg and 23 kg. For boxes with a single oversized item, they can be up to 73.7 cm in size and weigh up to 30 kg.

Additionally, shipping items over 30 kg requires enrollment in the “FBA Heavy and Bulky” program. It allows a box limit of 150 cm in length and a girth of up to 3 meters.

Poly Bags – They must be at least 1.5 mils thick, transparent, and completely sealed. A poly bag should fit the product well and not extend more than 7.5 cm beyond the product dimensions to avoid inconsistent package measurements.

●     Labeling and Barcode Requirements – Each box and pallet must have a unique ID label and pallet label, with clear shipping and tracking information visible. There should be four labels, placed at the top center of each side of a pallet.

Each item without a manufacturer barcode needs an FNSKU barcode as a unique identifier for a product. For instance, different sizes or colors should have different barcodes. Moreover, labels must be black and white, removable, and non-reflective.

They should generally be 8.4 cm x 10.2 cm (3 1/3 x 4 inches) in size. Boxes weighing over 15 kg should have a “Team Lift/Heavy Package” safety label on the top and sides.

For poly bags, the manufacturer or Amazon barcode should be scannable through the bag, or an external barcode label should be applied. If you sell items in various conditions like used-like new and used-good, each of them needs a different barcode. Moreover, barcodes must be scannable and easy to reach.

Don’t put them where they can’t be scanned, like on corners or curves. Also, don’t cover up product barcodes with FBA labels. Conflicting barcodes can lead to delays or lost inventory.

Unicargo’s 3PL Services for FBA Sellers

As an FBA seller, picking a trustworthy logistics partner is crucial for a smooth shipping process to Amazon Fulfillment Centers in the UK. Using a 3PL service like Unicargo can be smart as it’s cheaper than Amazon’s default FBA and offers more flexibility and value-added options.

Our 3PL services are designed to be a convenient solution for FBA sellers. We take care of everything, like storing, preparing, and shipping your products, as well as dealing with any problems that might come up with Amazon.

This saves a lot of time and effort for FBA sellers, and can also cut down on how much they spend on fulfillment. As an Amazon FBA seller, looking to expand your business in the UK here’s how our services can help you:

1.   Full Responsibility from Start to Finish

Unicargo takes care of everything from getting your products at our warehouse to preparing them for Amazon FBA and sending them to Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

You won’t have to handle different logistics tasks. If your shipments aren’t ready for Amazon, we can receive them, prepare and label them, and send them to Amazon. Sometimes, customers need temporary storage- before shipping to Amazon, and we can provide that too until they’re ready, both before shipment, i.e., in China, and thereafter in transit, whether it be transloading or doing all the prepping and labeling and repacking, including getting you appointments ahead of time with the final destination Amazon warehouse

2.   Streamlined Prepping

We can take care of labeling, bundling products together, and repackaging them to meet Amazon’s size and weight rules. This guarantees your items are set for Amazon’s fulfillment process as soon as they arrive, preventing costly delays and penalties.

3.   Splitting Shipments for Faster Delivery

Unicargo can receive all your products together and then divide them up to send to different Amazon Fulfillment Centers across the UK. This helps if you have popular items stored near customers for quicker shipping.

4.   Efficient Stock Tracking

We offer a system to keep track of your inventory levels in each Amazon center. This helps you optimize stock placement and fulfillment times for fast and efficient delivery.

5.   Simplified Shipping Arrangements

Our company has a carrier central account main account with major shipping companies, which lets us bargain for cheaper rates and book all shipments on your behalf. This could save you time and cut down on shipping expenses.

6.   Appointment Coordination

We handle scheduling appointments with Amazon’s warehouses to accept your deliveries. This makes sure your shipments are received smoothly and reduces any waiting times at Amazon’s warehouses.

7.   Purchase Order (PO) Validation Support

Unicargo could help you with any problems that come up with validating your purchase orders for Amazon FBA. Sometimes, these issues stop your products from being accepted by Amazon’s warehouses.

8.   Amazon Rejection Support

We can assist you in learning why Amazon didn’t accept your shipments and help you fix any issues preventing them from getting accepted. So, your products can be ready for fulfillment again.

Navigating Tax and Legal Considerations in the UK

Unicargo’s 3PL services extend beyond Amazon FBA UK prepping, shipping, PO validation, and rejection support. We can also advise and guide you in navigating tax and legal considerations like obtaining an EORI number, registering VAT, etc. in the UK. Here are the tax and legal regulations that are extremely important if you want to import/export to the UK:

1.   Obtaining EORI Number

An EORI number is a special code needed for businesses importing or exporting goods in the EU, including the UK. Usually, your business must have a place in the country you’re trading with to get an EORI number.

When your goods arrive in the UK, customs needs this number to clear them. Without it, they might not know who you are, and your shipment could get held up or taken away. It’s a tricky process to obtain an EORI number. But Unicargo can help you with the application, get your EORI number, and clear your FBA shipments quickly through UK customs.

2.    UK Company and VAT Registration Importance

If you’re registered and selling products in the UK, you’ll need to sign up for Value Added Tax (VAT). This is necessary when your total sales from all countries reach £85,000 over a year and because you’re storing goods in the UK.

Registering for VAT affects your profits as it allows you to deduct VAT from sales, potentially reducing your profit per item. However, being VAT registered also lets you reclaim VAT paid on certain business purchases which is called Postponed VAT accounting (PVA).

So, it’s important to calculate how VAT registration impacts your profit margins to ensure you stay competitive and profitable. PVA lets you report VAT on your VAT Return instead of paying it right away, which can help with cash flow when importing.

However, it can be complicated and needs careful tracking and reporting. That’s where Unicargo can assist you with setting up a PVA (VAT Postponement Account). Different products may have specific requirements for bringing them into the UK. Unicargo can advise on these requirements to prevent any problems. We can also assist with Amazon’s regulations for pallets and packaging, making sure your products are packed, labeled, palletized, and sent correctly according to Amazon’s strict guidelines.

3.   Commodity Specific Requirements

The UK has strict rules for importing goods. There’s a department called National Trading Standards (NTS) that handles various issues like copycat products and crimes. When Customs suspects a problem with goods, they ask NTS to check if they’re genuine and legally imported.

So, it’s crucial to research product regulations right from the start when choosing what to produce and ship to Amazon UK. Researching upfront can help you spot compliance issues early. This lets you adjust your product sourcing or make changes to meet UK rules.

Making sure your products comply at the start can also prevent customs issues as well. Compliant products are less likely to get held up by customs, saving you time and money. Moreover, accurate classification and value of goods is also necessary to know their applicable taxes and import duties.

Unicargo can be a helpful partner in this entire process as we know the ins and outs of UK customs rules. We keep up with changing compliance guidelines and can aid you in avoiding customs delays and penalties.

Our experts can identify potential problems with your products and direct you to resources for more info on compliance. We can also assist you with getting the right classification and value of goods to learn the correct import duties and taxes for your FBA UK shipments.

Choosing the Right Freight Forwarder for Your FBA Business

Choosing the right freight forwarder for your FBA businesses in the UK is vital to have a smooth shipping process. They act as your logistics partner, handling your goods from start to Amazon centers, making sure they’re compliant with Amazon’s FBA shipping guidelines. Here’s why the right freight forwarder matters:

  1. Smooth FBA Handling – They know the in/out of Amazon FBA processes well, from labeling to packaging, customs clearance, and delivery. This means your shipments move smoothly and reach Amazon Fulfillment Centers faster, keeping your products available for customers all the time.
  1. Fewer Mistakes and Delays – With expert guidance, you’re less likely to make costly errors like wrong labeling. These mistakes can cause delays or even rejection at Amazon, hurting your profits and customer happiness.
  1. Better Inventory Management – A freight forwarder can sync with your FBA UK inventory system. This gives you real-time data to manage stock levels across different centers.

You’ll know exactly what to stock when avoiding shortages and keeping customers happy. Here at Unicargo, we think our expertise and comprehensive services make us the ideal choice for your FBA UK business.

Unicargo: A Case Study in FBA UK Expertise

Unicargo stands out as a freight forwarder with a successful history in the FBA UK market, for all global sellers. Here’s what makes us unique:

  1. Pioneer in the Field – Unicargo was the First to partner with FBA sellers from the program’s start. In fact, we are part of Amazon’s Solution Provider Network (SPN). This gives us a deep understanding of FBA and allows us to offer tailored services for small to medium and large-sized businesses.
  1. All-in-One Solution – Unicargo, as a global freight forwarder offers much more than just shipping goods from point A to point B.  We are probably one of the few global logistics companies to offer Sea and Air Freight along with strategic warehousing services (in the US, Europe, and China), along with self-owned domestic trucking services (in the US).  Providing you with a wider ecosystem offers our customers a one-stop-shop solution and one team handling all legs of your shipments.
  1. Out-of-Box Approach – Unicargo doesn’t just provide standard freight forwarding services. Our proactive approach means we offer tailored solutions for different FBA shipping situations. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we take the time to understand your specific needs and suggest services that meet your unique FBA UK shipping needs.

With our experience and network of partners, we can find creative solutions to unexpected challenges. We’ll keep you updated throughout the shipping process and alert you to any potential issues early on, so you can resolve them before they become problems.  Furthermore, once you’re a customer, you can sign up for our digital platform and track your shipments in real-time, from anywhere in the world.  Visibility and Real-time Time Tracking are paramount to global sellers, shipping goods all over the world.

Step-by-Step Guide to Shipping with Unicargo

Once you’ve chosen Unicargo as your freight forwarder, here’s a step-by-step guide to how we can help you with Amazon FBA UK shipping:

1.   Building Your Shipping Plan and Optimizing for Cost and Efficiency

For shipping to Amazon FBA UK, you’ll need to build a shipping plan and ensure it’s optimized according to your budget and shipping schedule. The first step is to pick the items you want to send to Amazon.

Then, decide how many of each product you’re sending and pack them according to Amazon’s rules. At Unicargo, we know all about these details, so we make sure your products are packed and shipped according to Amazon’s rules.

Our experts also handle any special packaging needs you might have, like bundling items together or adding promotional materials to your packages, all while following Amazon’s guidelines.

Next, choose which Amazon FBA UK centers you’re sending your products to, considering where your customers are and what they’re buying. But make sure you know how large and heavy your packages are, and understand your overall shipping needs.

Depending on how quickly you need your shipment, decide if you’ll ship by air, sea, or land. Remember, to use the right materials to keep your goods safe during shipping.

2.   Requesting a Quote From Unicargo

Once you’ve got your shipping plan ready, reach out to Unicargo for a free quote. Fill out a form where you choose your shipping methods (air, land, or ocean), and you can pick more than one. Then, set your shipping route by providing details for the origin and destination.

The origin is where your products are located and the destination is Amazon fulfillment center(s) in the UK. Describe your cargo, including the number of packages, total weight/dimensions, and product categories for potential customs considerations.

Let Unicargo know if you need extra services like warehousing, multi-center fulfillment, assistance with UK VAT registration or PVA setup, D2C service, or reverse logistics. Finally, schedule your shipment by selecting a date.

3.   Preparing Your Shipments and Paperwork With Unicargo’s Guidance

Unicargo will ensure your products are packaged and labeled correctly for FBA UK. We can help you create a commercial invoice with accurate details like product descriptions, quantities, values, and HS codes for customs.

Our experts can help you prepare additional documents such as packing lists or certificates of origin. On top of that, you can access, manage, and organize all your shipment-related documents in one convenient location with our online portal.

4.   Tracking Your Shipments and Receiving Real-Time Updates

You’ll receive a tracking number after Unicargo books your shipments. You can then track your shipment in real-time around the clock using our online portal. This will help you in improving your operations continuously.

The dashboards cover every aspect of your shipment journey, from detailed information to an overall summary. You can easily switch between different views to check shipment statuses, transit times, exceptions, and other details with just a glance.

You’ll also get instant alerts about any issues or changes with your shipments. Furthermore, our experts will assist you in minimizing any disruptions to your logistics operations, getting you back on track swiftly.


In the UK, Amazon is a powerhouse for e-commerce, with sales skyrocketing over the years. As online shopping continues to surge, the UK market offers immense opportunities for businesses, especially if you’re eyeing Amazon’s FBA service.

However, expanding into the UK with Amazon FBA comes with its challenges. Ensuring your listings fit the British market, understanding customs rules, and handling taxes are crucial. Unicargo, a seasoned digital freight forwarder, offers comprehensive solutions to tackle these hurdles.

Our carrier partnerships secure cost-effective shipping rates and we handle everything from receiving your products to preparing and shipping them to Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

We can split shipments for faster delivery, and ensure efficient stock tracking, labeling, and customs clearance for smooth FBA handling, fewer mistakes, and better inventory management. Complying with UK tax and legal obligations is also convenient with Unicargo.

Moreover, to import and sell products through Amazon FBA UK you’ll need an EORI code and will have to register for VAT to adhere to tax and import regulations. Without them, Amazon won’t accept your products into their warehouses.

That’s because, without these, you’ll face problems with customs and taxes, which Amazon wants to avoid. Unicargo can manage your VAT registration, and facilitate EORI number, preventing customs delays and ensuring compliance with FBA UK regulations.

Our commitment to all-size FBA sellers is unparalleled. We offer an all-in-one solution, an out-of-the-box approach, and step-by-step guidance and ownership throughout the shipping process. With a global presence and a network of agents, Unicargo is the ultimate choice if you’re venturing into the FBA UK market.

Next Steps

Managing the complexities of FBA shipping into the UK requires careful attention to VAT registration, EORI numbers, customs regulations, and more. With Unicargo’s expertise, you can ensure smooth sailing for your shipments, avoiding delays and compliance issues. Our team of experts is here to help you every step of the way.

Request a personalized consultation with Unicargo’s specialists today to get tailored advice for your FBA business. You can also fill out a form for a free quote or reach out to us via our contact form with your inquiries. Start your journey towards successful FBA shipping into the UK with Unicargo by your side. Get in touch now!

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